Baseball and fishing

  • My step son plays travel baseball, so much of the summer is spent… driving, sitting in the hot sun, being drenched in the down pours and eating dust. I have learned to keep a bag packed in the back of our suv the entire baseball season. In this bag we have one zebra print blanket, one Notre Dame blanket (beginning of the season has chilly nights), Hot hands feet and hand warmers, a Notre Dame towel (for after the rain), one of those beach blankets that unfolds and is waterproof (to sit on if we are in the bleachers), umbrella, two rain jackets, a Columbia Notre Dame fleece jacket, pair of socks, hand sanitizer, sunblock, mosquito spray, Chicago Blackhawks ball cap, Chicago Cubs beanie hat, Under Armour gloves, deodorant, a baseball, tennis ball, extra mit and a first aid kit that includes bandages, alcohol wipes, neosporin, splinter out, burn cream, scissors, ice pack, 2 waters, antacid, and ibuprofen. We also pack 2 camping chairs incase we end up sitting along the fence. I have also learned before we pull out of the driveway to ask “Hat? Belt? Cleats?” (In reference to Adam Sandler’s “Phone, Wallet, Keys”). Don’t forget the cup!! And to stop by the ATM because most ball parks are cash only. We wrapped up the season in third place. All the parents with their burnt faces and knees the kids with their dirty hats and ripped knee baseball pants were just spent. Done with the season. It’s a lot of fun but everyone just done. My sons played baseball, my youngest loved it. He only got to play for 2 years then issues came up and baseball was over then soon after that football stopped. (That’s all I have to say about that). Now my oldest, bless his heart was the one that was in the outfield with his mit on his head chasing butterflies. He was diagnosed later with aspergers autism. My granddaughters now play. They are 7&5 so still learning. But so much fun to watch!
  • There was no tournament on Sunday, first free one we have had in awhile. So I called my dad up and asked if he would take us all fishing. He never passes up a day to go fishing. Just so happened that on our way home from the ball park on Saturday we stopped by the Bass Pro Shop and picked up some fishing line, rubber worms, rattlers and some hooks. Now I have to be early to everything where as my husband is the “eh we will get there” type…my dad said meet him at 7 am (usually morning fishing is to be on the lake at 5 am). It was almost 6, we had an hour drive still had to stop by the store and grab food and drinks to put in the cooler…we got to the lake a little after 7. Morning fishing was fun we caught some bluegill and one perch then we decided to do some bass fishing. I think we all got to catch some bass, the longer we were out on the boat the more the jet skis and tubers started to come out. We are minding our own business fishing the shore line and I see this jet ski coming up on us “what does this dude want? He has the entire lake why does he have to ride up by us” I said angrily. Jamey says “well he’s wearing boots and a side arm, I’m pretty sure he’s a CO”…yep he was. He wanted to see our permits and of course from where we fished in the rain the last time mine pretty much melted away so he had to call mine in and of course it wasn’t in my married name but my maiden name. (Which really isn’t my maiden name either it’s my ex husbands last name..puke) Anyways he was really nice made sure we all had a life vest in the boat asked how the fish were biting etc. then off he went…what a job! To ride around on a jet ski all day! We fished 7 hours that day. My step son had one monster of a bass but just as he got it to the boat it jumped up and bit his rubber worm in half!