“Everything’s gonna be alright”

I haven’t blogged in awhile I have had a lot going on and when that happens I usually go on shut down mode. The highlights…we bought a boat not a new boat it’s a 1995 Ranger bass boat so we’ve been doing some fishing. I went dove hunting with Jamey, my dad and my uncle (well I was the ONLY female there). We bought a purple bed and my husband lifted our bed…ummm yea. 2 of my granddaughters spent the night with us!! I had a birthday, my grandma took me out for sushi. Jamey’s daughter turned 18, his niece left for IU. Health wise my feet, hands and cheeks have been tingling hoping that tapers off soon.

Today was my last day of my “head medicine” samples the doc gave me, they called me in a rx to my local grocery store, perfect I can get my meds and groceries in the same place. So the weather is meh humid with a chance of humid so on goes my cubs hat because my hair doesn’t do well with rain/mist/humidity, mascara because you know I am a lady. A sports bra because I can, a hoody, a pair of jeggings and my flip flops. Not homeless but definitely can tell it took me 5 minutes to get ready. So I get to the store go up to the pharmacist give her my name and date of birth (I should’ve know by her resting bitch face she wasn’t going to be pleasant) she tells me they don’t have my medicine in stock and don’t know when they will be getting any in and even when they do get it in they don’t have a generic for it and it will cost me $580 with insurance I wouldn’t be able to afford that….ok first off don’t give me attitude, second don’t tell me what I can and can not afford and third when my dr calls it in yesterday and you have my number on file you should’ve called me so I could’ve went to a different pharmacy!! I flipped her off in my head but I smiled and politely said “ok thank you have a nice day”.

So I feel the anxiety attack creeping in my chest so I get what I can before the tears start to flow. I use the self check out because let’s face it cashiers don’t bag our shit right…ever. As I walk out it’s now raining, wonderful. I let Jamey know what’s going on I have a good 2 minute cry enough to get it out of my system call my doctors office and leave a voicemail, it’s only 9 am but damn do I need a shot of fireball! So I settle for Starbucks there happens to be one in the Martins supermarket. I get a tall salted Carmel mocha frap with whip (shut it about my diet)! I wonder around looking at their sales and my doctors office calls back they are giving me another week of samples AND a coupon for $0.00 copay for my prescription!! Ohhh how I want to take that to resting bitch face!

What a relief! As I am in the check out at Martins I notice the lady in front of me has a metal left leg and left arm the left side of her face isn’t right…”ok god” I think to myself “I could have it a lot worse”. The cashier starts talking to this lady thanks her for speaking at her church tells her how inspirational her speech was and there wasn’t a dry eye that Sunday. Now was my turn, I give her my discount card and the cashier starts to tell me how that lady was run over by a tractor from her brother in law awhile ago and how he was having a hard time living with himself for what he had done and how she did not blame him it was a accident it was gods plan for her and him. WOW, people and their faith really amazes me sometimes. As I’m walking out the sun is now shining I get in frenchie and Kenny Chesney is on the radio “everything’s gonna be alright” is playing. My good friend Terri text me a motivational video we are doing a 21 day love yourself challenge….I’m going to write a prayer so if it’s not your thing it’s ok you don’t need to read any farther.

Dear lord,

I’ve been stressed and struggling lately and my prayers have been selfish and I want to thank you for giving me more than what I need. Thank you for all the people in my life please watch over them and surround them with your glory and protection. I pray for your guidance and strength. Look over those that are hungry, suffering or without. In Jesus name