Time off

So it is 3:09 am on Thursday, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, a follow up to my hospital stay and I can’t sleep (imagine that!) my mind getting the best of me worrying on what they will say. I already know I am being referred to a neurologist, so I guess we are just going to go over how my new medication is working for me (not good, I am afraid to drive because I get so dizzy and light headed which is one of the side effects), hopefully I will get released to go back to work (the house is beyond clean), and what if any restrictions I will have. I googled what I have been diagnosed with (ahh yes google and the internet…if not for that how would we survive ?!?! Lol) it is just crazy to me that I can have a migraine yet not have a headache, it is hereditary there are four genes linked to Hemiplegic migraines, the “episodes” are unpredictable, there aren’t many cases, a episode can be as small as a slight headache to so severe I could be in a coma for a few days. So in this last week my face is back to normal, my right arm and hand are back to normal, my upper thigh feels numb but the rest of my leg, toe and feet have feeling. I’ve caught myself over the last couple days still studdering, it’s like my brain works faster than my mouth. Today I started that excessive blinking. I did what the doctor said and quickly took some ibuprofen when a symptom starts and it slowly went away….weird!!! I still have a bruise for the IV they put in when I was in the ambulance. I’m not a “baby” when it comes to shots, giving blood, iv’s, etc….but damn I REALLY don’t want to be poked anymore.

Since I’ve been off of work some of my friends and coworkers have text me, some because they genuinely care and the others to just be nosey, I guess rumor is I got fired. Oh that makes me chuckle and my little black heart wants to come up with some ridiculous story to get the rumors flying but then I believe in karma soooo I will leave well enough alone and I do believe saying nothing kills them more than the truth because the truth is so boring! I have kept the plant alive my friend Kensi got me, pretty yellow daisies. Ruger has been my buddy since I’ve been off, unless I’m sweeping then he tries to kill the sweeper.

If you have watched “The Burbs” with Tom Hanks you will know what I’m talking about when I tell you I know my neighbors routines. The “witch lady” that lives to the right, she got that nickname because all she is ever wearing is black. Now I love black most of my closet is black but she has black hair, dark black eye liner and is always in plain black clothing. She is a PITA, we share a wooden fence with her but it cuts short the back side by the road. Well she took it upon herself to mow our back area then came up and told us that she mowed it and how she “didn’t want to be that neighbor” but she wanted the back mowed on the days she mowed….well that set Jamey off and he went on strike for about 2 weeks. We have only got to see her husband twice in the 3 years we have been here and he was wearing a eye patch…. so yea…… to the left we have a retired lady who lives alone with her little dog. We put in a water softener for her when she first moved in. She’s nice, we wave in passing. We have named her the “bandanna lady” because she wears a bandanna when she mows. On the other side of her is the “crackhead house”…I know I know I shouldn’t judge but it’s a older run down scary house, the cops have been there more than once, the older man has tattoos on his shaven head, animal control has been out a few times over their pit bulls, someone is living in a car in their driveway they have a extension cord strung from the house to the car. There are some kids there from time to time, but after the cops are there we don’t see the kids for awhile (I’m guessing CPS) got involved but I don’t know for a fact. One summer the kids had a table set up by the road with a sign wrote in kid writing that said “rocks for sale $1.00”, well I bought 3 driveway rocks from the 3 kids. I do pray for them because that area is a hot mess. Now the lady across from us should have her own blog because there is just so much, so I will try to do my best without over kill.

“Weird lady” has 2 teen boys I think. When we first moved in she brought over a dessert introduced herself and told us her husband had passed away. Well I can’t eat other people’s food but I kindly accepted but we ended up throwing it away (which was a waste and I wish we could donate food like that to the homeless…I’ve derailed). She doesn’t park in her driveway, she pulls her car up into her yard. Oh her yard..she needs to make her teen sons get off their ass and mow, but any ways she bought a used rider but for whatever reason it didn’t run so she bought a brand new push mower and the poor thing was having such a hard time pushing it. Yes, we watched her but she was finishing up before we realized so don’t judge because Jamey was going to go over and mow it for her. Their mailbox fell over and she just left it! For like 3 weeks it was on the ground! This is the craziest thing…she has/had 2 dogs one named Buddy and the other Toby. Well Toby is a PITA! Always barking, coming into everyone’s yard or snipping at your ankles while she yells from her yard “Toby…you want a cookie?” Ugh we hated Toby…we have not seen Toby in about 3 weeks….anyways one day last summer we see the weird lady walking this Sharpe looking dog, we were like “great that’s all she needs is another dog” well we see her get into her car with her sons, Buddy and Toby and she takes off leaving this dog outside roaming down the road and her front door wide open. Jamey was worried it was going to get hit on the road so he picks it up and puts it in the house and closes the door. He walks back over all proud of himself for saving this dog, well day turns to night, night turns into morning then afternoon and so on and no weird neighbor lady. 4 days go by and nothing so now we are freaking that we put this dog in her house and maybe it’s went potty everywhere or worse has died. So Jamey goes over and knocks on the door and nothing..now worried she has a dead dog in her house we try to peek in her windows, Jamey cracks the unlocked front door just slightly and whistles…nothing…now we are convinced there is a dead dog somewhere in her house so we ask another neighbor to get ahold of her and ask about the dog…she doesn’t know what we are talking about she only had Buddy and Toby…ohhhh noooo we put someone’s dog in her house and it has possibly died somewhere!!!! She comes home from vacation with her sons we are dreading her to ask us why there’s a dead dog in her house but nothing…days, weeks, months go by still nothing….Toby had to be put down so she replaced him with 2 small yipper dogs. I still wonder about the dog that was put in her house..where’d it go?