Lights out

5:10 am, tired, hungry, thirsty sitting in hallway on concrete floor at work waiting for the power to come back on. This makes for a very long 12 hour day! My blueberry redbull source of energy is sitting all alone in my suv. Lights went out a little before 4 am, I came in at 2, woke up at 12:15 and went to bed at 10. Not sure when I fell asleep we were watching Mexico play in the gold cup, no matter how many times it is explained to me soccer confuses me. Offsides, how far the goalie can go, corner kicks, the colored cards..what I do understand about soccer is this..we are the only place that calls it soccer instead of football, the field is not called a field but a pitch, men soccer players have great hair, they use a stretcher for hammy cramps, the fans are intense and not much more. But Jamey has been patient at trying to explain. Ass is numb and now starts the Charlie horse cramps in my legs. An amazing start to Monday let me tell ya! Our water coolers are bottless which is great until the power goes out and they do not have a battery power back up.

Wondering why there is not emergency lighting in bathrooms. Listening in on other people’s conversations on why the power is out when it will come back on and who they have talked to where they live and if they have power. Some bad storms rolled through leaving a mess of high water, downed trees and power lines.

6:13 and we have lights! But because I work in a sterile environment that means doing a “full clean”…which means you wipe EVERYTHING down with Clorox and alcohol to kill any germs. Then that means people will bitch about what other people are or are not doing. Oh thank you redbull, my addiction.