Ruger the Rottweiler

In 2016 my now husband wanted to get me a puppy for my birthday (score ahh points for him). Weeks leading up to getting Ruger we researched different kind of dogs, I had always had labs growing up and they are such smart and well behaved dogs…but the fur! So we were bouncing back and forth between a Doberman or a Rottweiler pros and cons then he showed me a picture on the internet of these Rottweiler puppies and my heart melted. We set up a time to meet with the owner which that was sketchy but there was three little puppies in a make shift kennel in the grass. Supposedly the mother is a junk yard working dog and the father is a show dog in California (we googled and unless he forged paper work when know who his daddy is). There was one female and 2 males. The other male was chunky and shy, the female was getting picked on by the other bully male. I was dead set on a male so now it’s between the bully and the chubby shy guy. “I don’t want a pussy Rottweiler I want a protector” says my husband and we fill the papers out, pay the guy and I grab the little rottie.

We named him Ruger after the guns we have. He was so cute laying in the bottom of the cart at Petsmart. About went bankrupt buying all the puppy essentials. I highly suggest Kong .com he had a teddy bear we named Dinkleman for 3 years!! We also got him a stuffed dragon we named Puff but he had the squeaker out of that pretty quick. I saved Rugers baby teeth I would find around the house. Took pictures we he lasted the stairs and when he could jump up on the bed. He is definitely a one owner dog he is my birthday present but he is my husbands dog. It wasn’t long before he would “tree me” he liked to nip my butt cheeks til I climbed the furniture. I know I know bad habit because 3 years later it is still one of his favorite things to do. He has a hatred of toilet paper, paper towels and napkins. Potty training was….something thank goodness for tile floors! We bought a tie out thinking maybe just maybe that would be a great idea so we wouldn’t have to stand outside with him. No, no that was a horrible idea he freaked out took off like a bat out of hell getting tied up and around everything he could while yelping like he was about to die. This was the moment we thought there was something mentally wrong with him.

At the time we were living on a lake with a little non fenced in yard so that was a challenge he loved pontoon rides on the lake but he hates bicycle tires, one day he knocked a little girl off her bike just so he could lick on her. My husband went chasing after him and I’m not sure exactly how he did it but he tripped going chest first into the grass. I tried not to laugh but seeing the grass stain smear on his chest just made me roll in laughter! We were going to put him a military type dog training but with life happening we had to move over an hour away so we just signed him up for dog obedience classes. My husband and I both attended the instructor gave us a clicker. The just of it was if they do well you click and give a treat if they don’t do what you ask you can spray them with a water that is in a spray bottle. In this class there was a couple with a big Great Dane naked Luna that only ate organic treats and rode in a Pirus (talk about the funniest thing!). There was a lady whose dog humped EVERYTHING. I felt bad but yet made me chuckle every time they came to class. There was a couple that had a older little dog that was mean and had done the class two times prior. Ruger has ADD so we would have to take him away from everyone so we could work with him. He was ahead of the game he could already sit, shake, lay down and come. So he was just digging the click treat click treat. On our last class my husband forgot the clicker and worried we would be shunned from class so he mouthed the sound of the clicker, I couldn’t stop laughing and ruger was a wee bit confused. We really didn’t get anything out of that class other than a bill so he was a dog school drop out.

He definitely is a challenge I keep telling my husband this is why god waited so long for us to meet in life because if we were to have kids together it would be a hot mess! Ruger is very obsessive of my husband I can’t touch or kiss him around Ruger if I try he paws me and gets infront of me. He has to be between us, he pushes the kids around with his fat head like he’s herding them. He has to have special food or he gets sores and benedryl for his allergies. My husband always says “I think he was left in the sack too long”.

I will be posting some pictures on Instagram soon.