Follow up appointment

Today is Monday July 29 it will be my first day back to work in about 2 weeks, last day there I was taken out by stretcher into ambulance. Anxiety didn’t let me sleep much. Praying I make it through the day without a “episode”. I didn’t take my medicine like I have been first thing in the morning because it makes me feel loopy-loo and I am driving the hour trek to work. Had a busy weekend..Friday was my follow up appointment aaaaaand it was just a waste of gas. I had to see the nurse practitioner because I was a squeeze in and my usual Dr is booked up. She’s nice…told me to go see a neurologist and I am able to go back to work. As far as the new meds making me feel loopy..give it time (the second opinion dr told me to start taking it every other day for a week then stop completely because I don’t need to be on anti seizure medicine). I have my appointment my neurologist in August so stay tuned for that.

Well I didn’t make it the entire work day, made it about half way. I’m so dizzy and I still catch myself studdering. I gave myself a anxiety attack thinking I was going to end up in the hospital again. It was very blurry going home thank goodness for back roads, the traffic on the highway wouldn’t appreciate me going slow! My FMLA and short term disability is all messed up, the hospital had me in my married name, the doctors office has me in my maiden name so everything is all messed up…hello go by my birthday and SSN! So I didn’t get paid for all the time I was off and I am not sure if the time I was off will be counted against me. That just sucks for people like me that don’t play the system and need it. I know of some people who will abuse FMLA all the time like clock work. Uuuurrrgg ok I am done bitching about what I can not control.

Author: melonymiller

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